hippie-pie2 asked:

Why'd you feel rushed on that Luna pic? Was it a commission?

Nah, me and a friend decided to draw butt at pretty much the same time at night and when I’m working at my own pace I just work at a slower pace but I got it in my head we were competing (even though that’s a dumb motion to get in my head). So I started working faster and just ended up getting frustrated with getting the twist  and perspective of the torso the way I wanted it. Didn’t take as much time with the shading as I would have liked to. And it’s basically my fault because, even though I don’t try to, sometimes I’ll turn things into a competition in my head when that’s just dumb. When I’m working on something that I want to have a feel of quality to it I want to take some time with my decisions instead of just vomiting with my hand and brain.

It’s like getting into a competition to see who can scarf down a piece of cheesecake faster. It just wastes the product and the enjoyment of the process.